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Sales and Marketing Teams (SMTs) always have their ups and downs during every year. The current Coronavirus pandemic is hitting companies badly and the effects are being felt across industries. People now have to review their priorities and adjust to new working conditions while trying to figure out what happens next. During such a difficult time, showing empathy and compassion is imperative to your customers and communicate with them on a routine basis.  

Today we’ll show some ways to retain your clients during the pandemic since they are the live wire of your business and they are also trying to figure out how to move forward. You also need to provide your in-house teams with guidance in terms of what they need to do to keep their clients. This is why we would like to share some practical steps you can start taking today to provide both your clients and employees with some comfort.  

How to Communicate with Customers During and after COVID-19 

If your customers trust you, they will look to you for guidance. This is why you need to keep all of your communication channels actively open and talk with clients on a regular basis. You should first tell them what you plan to do during and after the pandemic and provide support to calm their anxiety. Many companies have shifted their business and technical operations online and are therefore able to fulfill their obligations to their customers. If this is the case with your company, be sure to let your clients know about this and how you plan to maintain the necessary level of productivity. However, if your business has no active online presence, then you would want to hire us to do that for you.

Major communication methods include:

  •  Social Media – Sites such as Facebook, Instagram,  LinkedIn, and Twitter will provide you with a much greater audience reach, but you need to be careful to direct your message to fit each platform. In addition, you will only be able to post something that can be made available to the general public and will not be tailored to each client.
  • Email – It is a good idea to email your client’s and reassure them that you will be sticking by them during this difficult time. It is always comforting to get a message from the CEO or other high-ranking executives that they will stick by you when you need them most. The downside is that this should be reserved for a handful of people, which means other employees will not necessarily be aware of what is going on.
  • Blog – The blog on your website can be an excellent tool for building a closer and more meaningful relationship with your customers. 
  • Call Center Support – If you are in the B2C market, your customers will most likely be calling you about whether or not your services will be affected by the Coronavirus. While this is a good opportunity to speak with each client, this puts a strain on your customer service department. Even big companies like Alibaba, have halted live over the phone support since their teams were getting stretched thin.

Now that we have an understanding of the pros and cons of each channel let’s take a look at how you would go about creating a crisis communication plan

The next step is to think about your internal communication. You need to keep everybody informed and put their minds at ease by providing hope for the future. This includes regularly posting updated information internally or on social media. Whenever you make a decision, it is important that you explain the thought process and what information was factored into the decision. The communication should be on a regular basis, and it is always a good idea to tell them the little knowledge you have at the moment than waiting an uncertain amount of time until you know more

Finally, you need to think about the community. Every organization should have a corporate social responsibility program that clearly states how they plan to help their community every year and especially in a time of crisis. If your company is located in a small community that largely relies on you for jobs, it is especially important to communicate with them and provide them with peace of mind.




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